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Wounded Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans Gabe Monreal, Yancy Baer and Chris Rosebrock set off from Da Nang, Vietnam last week on a six-day ride to raise money for Vietnam veterans who want to return for the first time, but cannot afford it. Monreal, 36, of San Antonio, Texas, lost his lower left leg to a bomb explosion in Afghanistan in 2010. Baer, 42, of Choctaw, Okla., lost his lower left leg to cancer after sustaining a non-battle injury in Iraq in 2009. Rosebrock, 28, of Chicago, Ill., and another veteran who is not pictured, David  Lau, 39, of Olympia, Wash., were severely wounded by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan in 2012. They say that Vietnam veterans have supported them the most during their wartime service and rehabilitation and now they want to return the favor. They helped raise more than $40,000 for the cause through the group Operation Comfort. March 31, 2014.